May 3, 2010

Exciting News!


There's lots going on at Cooking to Save! By the end of the week, look for the launch of my new website. Still at the same email address, just a new house! As much as I like what I have, I've found that I've already outgrown the space and would like a simpler way for you all to reach my recipes and content. I'm very excited and hope you will all give me feedback on the new site once it is up.

There's more big news here as well. I found out last week that my blog won "First Runner Up" in the Local Blogger Category of Hartford Magazine's Best of 2010! That's their fancy way of saying that I came in 2nd. :) Colin McEnroe, who writes a column for The Hartford Courant and also has his own radio show, won, so I think I am in good company! So, if you happen to live in Northern Connecticut, check it out in the Hartford Magazine!

I've been recovering this weekend from the dinner for the girls as well as driving back and forth to Boston but I've got plenty of new ideas for the week. I also will be posting my first product review for Foodbuzz later on today along with a great, easy and healthy snack ! And..... we've made it to the 4 month mark in Cooking to Save! Some reflections coming this week, as well. Finally, I am going on a "field trip" on Friday! Stay tuned for a busy week!

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