May 6, 2010

Today is the day... I think!

Yesterday was an extremely bad day!  First, my hard drive died... and I made the mistake of not having everything backed up.  If you haven't backed up your computer lately, go do it right now!  I lost some major pieces of work as well as some photos that hadn't made it onto my external hard drive. Ugh!  Last night, as I was trying to reproduce some of these items, my son came down to inform me that "Cooking to Save" was down. Ugh again!  The good news is that my new website is about to launch.  We'll be working on final touches today.  In the meantime, Cooking to Save has been temporarily forwarded to my old blog while we get the new one prepared.  Look for it later today or tomorrow morning!  I wanted to share though, this little piece of  sunshine that greeted me this morning when I stepped out with my dog.  One beautiful peony has bloomed in my garden!  Such a gorgeous site to open the door and find! It's a sign: today will be a good day!  I hope yours is too.

Note: for those of you wondering, we didn't fall off the wagon last night in the chaos of technical difficulties.( I really wanted to! )  It was a dinner of "good enough" though:  some soup I had in the freezer and made some chicken and cheese quesadillas.

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