April 4, 2010

Can you be too old for Easter Egg Hunts?

In my house, the answer is no!


Today on this beautiful, sunny day my teenagers ran around like 2 year olds chasing after Easter Eggs. I think they may enjoy these hunts more then when they were very young! We often spend Easter at my sisters’ and today was no exception. We’ve had egg hunts in freezing cold but today the kids were out in shorts and t shirts. As little girls rode around the neighborhood on their bikes, my not so little kids chased eggs and battled to find the most eggs.

Will was the winner(although everyone thinks he cheated :)) but it looks like he missed one:


After the egg hunt we went in for a fabulous brunch. I’ll share some recipes tomorrow but for now I will let you ogle our dessert(courtesy of my sister, Beth):


They looked spectacular and tasted even better!!!

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