April 19, 2010

It's all about the croutons!


Last night I was still smarting from my expensive fast food. Don't get me wrong, it really was a good burger, I've just decided that for easy meals like that, I'd rather eat at home. But of course last night was not a night we were "at home". We were at soccer games all afternoon but came home in time to do a quick run to the store and pick up something to grill. Don't you just love it when the weather is warm enough to grill out on a regular basis? Quick cooking takes on a whole new meaning. And no clean up!!! That's my kind of cooking. So, we picked up some chicken cutlets and sausage to grill. We are a divided family regarding sausage: the boys adore it and the girls hate it. I don't know why, I keep telling them its genetic. The boys loved the sausage(sweet if you are wondering) so much that I think I will make sausage and peppers one night. It doesn't get any easier then sausage - you plop it on the grill, cook the heck out of it and then plop it on a plate. Then you look like a star for serving something a little different!

I made a Caesar Salad tonight as well(left off the chicken as we had that on the grill). Once again, I made my croutons. They were so good, I was slapping hands as they were eating them all before we sat down to dinner. I am sad to say it is all about the croutons. If you make them with brioche, they are like no other. The butteriness(is this is a word?!!! ) from the bread, combined with the olive oil and salt and pepper make for an exquisite cube of fabulousness. I think they take any salad from good to great. These would be worth making and keeping on hand, if you can hide them from your family(or yourself)! If you haven't made these, you must. There is no comparison to store bought croutons!!! (if you are looking for the recipe, see Chicken Caesar Salad in Cookbook above).

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