April 27, 2010



Do you ever watch that show on Food Network, Semi-Homemade? I am not a fan, everything seems a little too processed for me. I do like Giada, though. Her food always looks good and is she not the most beautiful woman? Yes, I am a little offtrack; the purpose of this post is not to discuss my likes and dislikes on the Food Network. Rather, tonight was my foray into what I will call Semi-Homemade. I made my Chicken Caesar Salad with Brioche Croutons(see cookbook for recipes). So delicious and everyone can eat it whenever they walk in the house. The homemade part of dinner. My boys would say though, they need something else with it. This is where the semi comes in. Sometimes, I just do some french bread with it. Ok, but a little boring. Other times, if I am out and about I will stop at Panera and get some Asiago Bread or at Cosi and get some flatbread. A little more exciting. Tonight, I blew the doors off. I stopped at a local pizza place and picked up their garlic bread. This isn't a typical loaf of bread, instead it is pizza dough, with garlic and cheese. Yummy! Now, before you tell me I am supposed to be cooking in... let me tell you that the bill was $7.00. In my mind, it was well worth it! I wouldn't do this all the time, but once in a while was a fun treat. I even have enough left for the kids to take salads for lunch tomorrow with a piece of garlic bread. My kind of Semi-Homemade!! Now, when will Food Network be calling me? :)

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