April 9, 2010

Good Enough?

Do you have any meals that are "good enough"? I've decided that it is crucial to have some of these meals in the back of your head if you really want to stay out of restaurants. By good enough, I mean meals that you can put together quickly when plans change. Good enough meals don't have to be pretty or exotic. The best good enough meals are some old simple standby's. Breakfasts or lunches are perfect good enough dinners. In my house, tuna melts, grilled cheese and bacon, burgers or some kind of simple pasta are my good enough meals. They usually come to be because I ran late or because parts of the family are suddenly not home for dinner. Last night this happened here. I had planned a nice chicken dish with roasted asparagus for dinner. By 4:30, all the kids had other plans and it was just going to be Mart and I. I will admit that I was thrilled by this news. I was off the hook for dinner! I also was not moving too well; I had gone to a new "bootcamp" class in the morning and every muscle in my body hurt. I contemplated just picking up a salad or sandwich for us but decided that we could make due with what was in the house. I opted to have a bowl of cereal(Special K if you are wondering). For some reason, it was extra good and I was completely happy with it. Mart decided that he would make some bacon and eggs. We sat in the kitchen enjoying the peace and quiet and the best part.... no cleanup!! ( And , oh yes, think how much we saved with our good enough dinner?!!)


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