March 10, 2010

Fast Food

It's been over 2 months now since we've started making a conscious decision to eat at home.  Unbelievably, it has gotten so easy to do.  It is our "normal" now and the kids don't even think about it anymore.  As most of you know, I keep a counter running on the sidebar to give us all an idea of how much we've saved.  Where I really notice the difference is in my checking account.  I just don't have money flowing out of my account as much.  It really makes me careful about where I spend my money elsewhere, as well.  I just don't enjoy spending like I used to. (This is why the economy has not bounced back quickly!:)  

Some people have asked how we are saving when I am shopping at Whole Foods, etc. If you are reader of my blog, you know that I pretty much buy what I want in the grocery store.  Yes, clearly sometimes it would be cheaper to pick up a pizza.  But this new way of living is more then just saving.  It is about mindfully making meals for my family to share as well as saving money from not eating out. Last night was a great example of why this plan is so great.  I walked in with the kids from soccer at 6:40 pm.  On the way home, it crossed my mind that picking up some takeout would be so easy.  Fortunately, I had a plan!!  Dinner was on the table in less then 20 minutes.  Burgers and Salad.  So here's what fast food now looks like in my house:

This was a strawberry spinach salad I threw(literally) together and tossed with Brianna's Blush Vinaigarette.  Since spring has come to New England, I had some (grass fed) beef I made into patties and put them on the grill.  The burgers were yummy, the salad delicious and I felt good that the kids had eaten enormous portions of spinach!  Grand total for a family of five for this meal:  under $15.  

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  1. Well for you, this is a healthy, homemade and delicious fast food :)