March 1, 2010

My new favorite accessory...

Clearly, I need to get a life.  As I write this, it strikes me that many of you will think I am completely insane.  A few weeks ago when we were childless for a weekend,  Mart and I wandered into Sur la Table. (If you don't have one near you or haven't seen a catalog, its like Williams Sonoma).  We browsed in ways you never can with kids running through the store.  I managed to find quite a few things on the sale table.  Included in my stash is my new favorite kitchen accessory:

A Salt Box!  Oh, how I love this! :)  It is the most fabulous thing I have bought in a long time(hence my comment that I need to get a life).  It sits on my counter right near my stove, filled with kosher salt.  No more digging in the cabinet for the salt, no more screaming "who didn't put the salt shaker back?"  Nope, not for me.  All I do now is open the top and take a pinch (with clean hands, of course) or dip my measuring spoon into it.  Can I just say that this is life changing?  I love, love, love my salt box.  And it looks so nice on my counter, too.  Don't you need one now?  


  1. Guess I better get one....sounds like I am missing out !!

  2. I thought I was hot stuff with my little salt jar...stop by and see it sometime.