March 5, 2010

My Plans for the Weekend

This promises to be a crazy weekend in my house.  Words don't do it justice, so here goes my pictorial:

Soccer... Although we'll be indoor watching the kids play. I never take any indoor pictures because I am usually shivering in my coat wondering how it can be so cold at an indoor facility! Soccer season has started in my house!

Swimming.... and lots of it.  Sunday is my 17 year old's last big meet :(.  We've spent the last 10 years hanging out in very hot pools. (Definitely not complaining based on the cold soccer facilities).  I like to think of it as moisturizing my skin in a steam room. :)

And last but not least:

I'm going to be cooking - a lot!! I have the swim team (20 high school boys) coming for dinner tomorrow night.  I've done it before but this always scares me.  20 teenager boys are like a tornado! You have never seen large quantities of food disappear so quickly.  They walk in and, whoosh, their plates are full and they are back looking for more. 

I'll report back I plan to bake a lot of yummy treats for the boys.  And... I promised the kids I would make an ice cream they could actually eat for dessert!

Happy Friday!

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