March 28, 2010

It's Retro Week!


Ok, maybe not this! :) If you are too young to remember Swanson TV Dinners, what a shame! In my house they were very rare, usually when my parents were going out to dinner and didn’t have the energy to make us dinner. But for whatever reason, we thought they were great!

Cooking to Save has been an interesting experiment. The main idea, to save money by eating home instead of eating out, is still there. But new components of it keep coming up. The latest is that I am suddenly remembering meals I used to cook and had forgotten about. Some I’ve left just the same as I remembered them. Some I am tweaking, taking into account healthier alternatives. Some of these old recipes are so delicious and easy to make. So, this week I am bringing back the old! Tonight is “make your pizza night” here but I am making a great, homey dessert that my husband is thrilled about. I made it a few weeks ago and it disappeared. I’ll share it with you later today when it is done. And tomorrow night I am working on an “oldie but goodie” that I’ll bet most of you have forgotten but will be making later this week. It’s that good! So stay tuned for a blast from the past all week! Any suggestions are welcomed!

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