March 8, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

Tonight's dinner is that Fabulous Chicken Salad from January.  I tweaked it(and changed it on the original recipe- see sidebar) and added Parmesan cheese to the breading.  For some reason, the parm cheese called my name tonight. :)  I liked it even better.  What isn't better with more parm cheese? 

There are many reasons why I like this salad:
1.  It is great with a warm chicken cutlet or at room temp.  (Some of us ate early and some are not home yet)
2.  It's salad!  We can pretend it is a health food :)
3. Everyone in my house will eat it.  For those that don't think salad is a meal, I don't mention the word. Instead, dinner is that "great chicken cutlet thing".
4.  Not counting the brining, which is completely optional(I'll never tell), it is 20 minutes to make, start to finish!

Finally, if you are wondering what happened to my creation from the 2 previous posts.... it's still "in process".  I guess I should have read the recipe through before I started.  I'l let you know when it has reached its peak and is ready for the final show.  Hopefully, later tonight...... 

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