March 17, 2010

Fresh Eggs

Here in New England, there really is no fresh produce to be had this time of year.  Too cold, too snowy, too...winter.  Everything in the stores is shipped from some distant universe so by the time it gets here, it doesn't last long and it is always a little less flavorful. Yesterday, I had a small field trip to the one place where winter doesn't mean "closed until spring": the local farm. As I walked in, they urged me to go see the new baby cows. But I was there for some other goodness.  And, I was not disappointed! Here's what greeted me when I entered the barn:


Oh, I was so excited!  Have you tried really, really fresh eggs?  There is a huge difference from the ones that come on a truck to your grocery store.  God only knows when some little chicken gave them up. Or, in what conditions that chicken lived.  I know all about the chickens at that farm.  In fact, my kids have gone to summer camp there and spent time collecting the eggs from the chickens. Really fresh eggs have wonderful flavor; you taste one and suddenly remember what an egg really is like.  Suddenly you remember what you have been missing.  And suddenly, you have inspirations to make so many egg dishes!  So, even if  there is nothing green growing yet where you live, try and find a farm with chickens.  I promise you, it will be worth the extra drive!


  1. Nothing better than the pure fresh nature! Here you can find fresh ones but, in general, they came in truck ;)

    All the best,


  2. I joined a CSA for the first time that included fresh eggs. I was on the fence, but at the last minute checked the box - boy was I happy I did - you can tell the difference - so good!