March 4, 2010

A wonderful dessert....

Doesn't this ice cream look wonderful?  Too bad we couldn't eat it tonight! We had a really simple dinner from my freezer stash: chicken soup.  Since I had bought the ice cream maker yesterday, I decided I would make a chocolate ice cream and try out the new machine. My kids absolutely love ice cream, especially Brittany.  As I've become more aware of reading labels, I am always amazed at what is in the ice creams at the grocery store, even high end ice cream.  Even though the ice cream I was making tonight was certainly not low fat(milk, cream, sugar, bittersweet chocolate) I think a little homemade ice cream is so much better then a big bowl of chemicals.   So, this afternoon I got everything ready and as we were eating dinner I popped it all into the ice cream maker.  It is delicious!  We all took a little taste as I was scraping it out of the bowl.  But then I realized... it was so rich and so chocolatey(is that a word?) that if we ate it tonight, we might be up all night. It was akin to having a large cup of coffee.  The kids were actually happy with their few spoonfuls, it was enough for them tonight and hopefully, we'll all sleep well and maybe I will let them have some ice cream after school tomorrow!  I am going to work on perfecting a peppermint stick ice cream in the next few days(safer then chocolate) and will post the recipe soon.