January 28, 2010

Can you change your life in 28 Days?

I am not sure about that, but I know a lot has changed in my house in the 28 days we've been eating home. No one asks to eat out much anymore, except on the weekend.  Now the question is, "What's for dinner?"  And more often then not, I have something good to tell them! The key to eating in is a lot of planning. I still can't plan more then a day or two in advance but by early afternoon I know what we're having and sometimes have already started dinner.  In the past, I would sometimes be scrambling at 5:00 to figure out dinner.  Since there's no eating out as a backup plan, I have to have some schedule going everyday.  The really fascinating piece of this experiment is the increased awareness I have over what we eat.   Today, in the snow, I drove to Whole Foods because I needed "grass fed beef".  In 28 days I have gone from running into a grocery store and grabbing what we needed to inspecting labels and working to buy the least processed, freshest and least traveled food.  I am finding that I really do shop mainly in the perimeter of the store....I am really trying to not buy anything processed.  Today I decided that I am not buying eggs in the grocery store anymore.  There is a farm near me where I sometimes buy my eggs. I've decided that sometimes is now always.  So much fresher and I know where those eggs come from.  I also think I need to have a better understanding of just what milk to buy.  That's tomorrow's chore.  In the meantime, though, I don't want anyone to think I've become a health nut. Unfortunately, I am still eating chocolate!

On another note:  did you see Oprah yesterday?  So interesting.. and I am not a huge Oprah fan.  Michael Pollan was fascinating.... if you taped it be sure to watch... you'll understand why I drove to Whole Foods today!


  1. Just came to your blog looking for something for dinner . . . . think I will make the tomato sauce! Will have to get Michael Pollan's book as I am a believer in eating from the parimeters of the store!

  2. What a great decision you've made to always get those fresh eggs!! They are SO worth it if you have a connection. I am so happy now that my friend has her chickens & sells me eggs!! They are nutritional powerhouses compared to what we get in the store. YAY!

    I think it's great you're eating at home now. Eating out has never been in the budget for us (my 3 girls are 2,7,10 and I still feel very much in the trenches), so what a great BONUS for you that you'll have all of that FOUND $$$$.

    I'm sure by now you are reaping all the other benefits (health, nutrition and energy wise) and being in control of what goes into the meal. More time at home together and on and on. We actually now realize the blessings of eating home and don't feel deprived at all. Of course I love to cook, so that helps too.

    I love your blog! You've done SO much is such a short time...I'm following and will be back for more. Thanks for stopping by Creative Kitchen!!