January 11, 2010

Fast Food Dinner

And by fast, I mean quick! At 5:10 I was staring into the freezer, wanting desperately to say, "Let's order  a pizza".  It's day 11 and at this point McDonald's looks good. But, I dug down deep, (freezer and otherwise :)) and came up with a plan. Unfortunately, we found out at the last minute that Will had basketball practice so suddenly I was rushing around the kitchen yelling at the kids to help.  We ended up with baked chicken breasts, quick roasted potatoes with pepper and parmesan(sliced very thing to cook fast ) and some creamed spinach I found in the freezer. Let's just say the roasted potatoes were the best part of the meal.  To me, the spinach looked terrible but nobody else seemed to think so!  But,  I am putting the night in the positive column - I managed to put something on the table without resorting to takeout!They can't all be pretty..... But I think the moral of the story is stick with the plan; it makes it much harder to stay on track when you don't. Upward and Onward....day 12 awaits.  It will be a better meal, I promise!

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  1. I am so impressed. Now I have an excellent resource to turn to on the days I can't come up with a dinner plan. I think I will start with the cosmo.