January 19, 2010

Ricotta Pasta

Tonight I am sharing my easiest but yummiest (is that a word?:))pasta recipe  - there are only ingredients, no amounts. It's whatever looks good to you! The key is the freshest ingredients you can find.  And, don't even think about using that "pretend" parmesan cheese in a can.(Don't get me started on that!)  Only the good stuff will do - either Parmigiano Reggiano or Locatelli(which I use). I did have to use frozen corn and it is not nearly as good as fresh but hey, its winter in New England!  But seriously, try this recipe.  It is so good and so, so easy.

Ricotta Pasta

Pasta( I like shells or wagon wheels or penne for this; I use whole grain)
Ricotta Cheese(use the best you can find)
Tomatoes - I use plum, but any will do
Corn - fresh is best and makes a huge difference in taste
Any other vegetable you want to saute and add
"Parm" - and lots of it!

Cook pasta according to directions.  In the meantime, dice tomatoes and saute with a little olive oil until soft and almost sauce like.  (This is the time to saute any other vegetables, zucchini works well).   About 3 minutes before pasta is done cooking, add corn to boiling water.  Drain and toss in pan with tomatoes.  Add ricotta cheese and stir until smooth.  It will turn into a smooth sauce, if you like a little more texture, add more ricotta when you take the pan off the heat.  Place in individual bowls and grate parmesan on top. (It's all about the parm :))
That's it!! So easy and so tasty ! And oh yes, so good for you!