January 13, 2010

Savings Junkie?

I am still amazed that changing one thing you do can change your outlook.  As  I roll along with my cooking, cooking, cooking the savings aspect can get, well, addicting.  Yesterday I went to the mall. I had some returns to do.( I have become my mother!  For Christmas I often buy 2 of the same thing, in different sizes, if I am not sure what will work for one of my kids.) I returned a few duplicates.  I also perused a few stores. I did get a deal in American Eagle; bought Will a hooded sweatshirt that ended up costing me $2.36 instead of $40!  Other then that though, I didn't want to buy anything.  It was kind of sad. :( I saw a few things I liked, decided I didn't really need them and walked away.  This is so not me!  When I told my husband this story he laughed and said I should have bought what I wanted, that this eating in was not meant to stop my life.  But I have a feeling for right now, it's all or nothing(just like the diet again!).  I can't seem to be really focused on saving in one part of my life and not in others.  I am thinking maybe I will become one of those penny pinching people that appear on Oprah! Unlikely...... but for now I will plod on and see where it takes me. I have become my own social experiment.... hopefully, the whole thing doesn't explode!

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  1. What's for dinner?

    Yes we are all or nothing but the good thing is in this economy we all stop and think before we run out and buy the next big thing . . . and we reflect on what is important in life . . . you know, vacation!