January 2, 2010

The Tale of 2 Meals...

Shouldn't Saturday Night = Going out ? I think the last time I cooked on a Saturday night my kids were babies! I don't do Saturday night. But of course, I need to figure out how to do dinner on Saturday nights if we are really going to save the big bucks. Alas, I could not motivate to cook. So.... I did the next best thing: leftovers. Mart, Brittany and I ate the Mac and Cheese from last night. If I must say, it was even better the 2nd time- the bread crumbs were very crispy:

Will decided he could not face leftovers and since he was leaving for soccer, he decided to have a nutritious meal of chicken fingers(at least they were Bell and Evans) and creamed spinach. Not the most exciting meal, but it emptied the freezer! Presentation is Will's forte, so he drizzled honey over the whole thing and heated up some cider to go with it:

Tomorrow I actually plan to cook.....

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