January 15, 2010

We've got company...

Tonight my niece, Lisa arrived from NYC to spend a few days with us.  Years ago when she was a teenager, she was our nanny for 2 summers, so she fits right back into our family like she never left.  Tonight was make your own pizza night and she jumped right in to concoct a masterpiece.  Everyone had a different plan.  Will makes a great crispy crust by brushing it with olive oil:

Our celebrity guest made a mean pizza with mushrooms, red pepper, onions and  ricotta cheese(she liked how it looked in the blog 2 weeks ago! ) Not bad for a novice!

After dinner tonight Will decided he needed some chocolate so he whipped up some chocolate lava cakes.  We had a Stonewall Kitchen mix that he used and I must say, they were so good you would have never known it was a mix!

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