January 7, 2010

Why changing one thing in your life can change your whole life...

I read on Twitter one day that a man made one change in his diet(gave up sugar) and lost 40lbs.  His point was that you didn't need a complete diet change, one change could do it all. I am beginning to think my "cooking to save" is my one thing that changes everything.  I am suddenly conscious of everything I spend my money on. You have to understand, I am a spender! I love to shop and always have.  My kids drawers are stuffed with clothes.   Previously,  I wouldn't have cared. Now... it seems unnecessary.  Maybe its the times, the recession.  More likely though, I think it is my mindful cooking for a purpose that has me re-evaluating where I spend my money.  I totally realize that I am lucky to have money to spend.  But suddenly, it doesn't seem as enjoyable.  Right now I want to spend my money purposely, only when I need to or when I evaluate something as being worth the splurge, be it a dinner or a new coat.  What's shocking is that I am coming to understand that spending mindfully is so much more fun then just spending indiscriminately.

What's your one thing that might change your life?  Start small.... you never know where it might take you...


  1. I am buying loaves of bread for a family of four who only has $50 a week for groceries. I know it's not much, but it's what we can afford. Plus, I know where to get $1 organic loaves of bread in my area. So I can get them a lot of bread!

  2. Now that's something that could change the world! What a difference you are making in a family's life!

  3. Ooh, I was going to tell you about Dee McCaffry, she lost over 100 pounds not eating white flour and sugar! She's got a great cookbook I bought. You'd love it!