January 4, 2010

Pizza Night....

I know what you are thinking... we ordered pizza or went out for pizza. But, no!!
Tonight was "make your own pizza" night. Typically, we do this on Friday night or Sunday night. But... as Ryan was coming home from his swim trip to Florida, we thought it would be a fun way to have dinner and hear all about his trip. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out the way I planned. Ryan had the stomach virus yesterday so he was in no shape to eat pizza and Mart was running late from work. In the past, I would have bagged dinner and ordered out. NO MORE! Ryan had a soft boiled egg(known as Egg Delight in our house) and Will, Brittany and I made the pizzas. Will even made one for Mart. Britts started out trying to replicate the Venetian pizza from Mack and Manco's in Ocean City, NJ. She got a little sidetracked and put sauce on it, but it turned out yummy. (The Venetian is white with tomatoes - it is the BEST pizza!)

Will is the best "dough boy" in our house. If he ever gets a summer job at a pizza place, I wouldn't be surprised! Tonight he decided to do a "stuffed pizza crust". He also added ricotta cheese and he was set.

Don't the pizzas look good? They were also so much better then any pizza we could get here.(We don't live in a good place for pizza) I think I am starting to settle in to this "being prepared" for dinner thing! So far, so good.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night when I try to replicate a yummy salad from Abigail's in Simsbury that I am slightly obsessed with.... it should be interesting.

Oh, and still working on my counter to keep track of how much we're saving. Ryan's home so he is going to get working on that!!

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  1. Those pizzas look soooo good! I'm jealous -- wish I lived closer so I could stop in and enjoy!