February 26, 2010

Always getting tested....

Last night I was tested.  I just ran out of time to make dinner.  At 5:30 I was still running errands with my twins for some things they needed at school.  (Nothing like telling me at the last minute!)  Will had to be out of the house at 6:30.  As we passed Panera and then Cosi, I seriously debated running in and getting them a quick salad or sandwich.  The interesting part though, was that neither of them even asked. I think we have finally broken the habit.  Instead, we raced home and I offered grilled cheese and bacon or waffles.  Will came up with the idea of making his beloved tuna melt in the panini press and that became the plan.  At 6:00 I had their dinner on the table:  tuna melts, chips and salad.  It wasn't exciting but it got the job done. I am realizing I need to have a backup plan at all times if I am going to succeed at Cooking to Save!  As we head into spring(if it ever comes) I've decided I need a formal list of some quick easy last minute meals that can substitute when we are off schedule.  So, this weekend I am going to sit with the kids (husbands eat whatever, it's those finicky kids that kill you :))and come up with ideas that everyone likes, hang them up on my bulletin board and have them ready when needed.  I'll keep you posted.  This should be interesting. (I've already told them that ice cream is not a meal choice!)

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  1. Actually, waffles and ice cream (especially chocolate) are a very respectful and wonderful dinner!