February 1, 2010

No Taco Bell for Us!

Tonight was Taco Night.  Will's been asking for a while and I decided it worked in my "keep it simple" strategy.  Of course, while I was at Whole Foods I had to get my grass fed beef for the tacos.  For good or bad, I've become obsessed with what meat I buy. At the rate I am going, it's time to buy stock in Whole Foods.  I seem to be in there everyday and today the produce guy recognized me from Friday's trip.  I am not sure if this is good or bad!  
So, to compete with Taco Bell, I decided I would make my own salsa!  It is so easy and so good! There is huge difference between what you buy in a jar and what you make.  And, it literally takes about 10 minutes to put it all together.   

It was a huge hit - the kids were slurping it down with chips as I got dinner on the table.  I justified the chips with the healthy salsa!   As good as it was on the chips, it made the tacos!  Some of us had hard tacos, some taco salads and some had soft tacos.  Everyone was happy and what more can you ask for on a Monday(ugh!) night?


3 large tomatoes(I used on the vine, as that is about the best you can find in the Northeast  right now)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 small red onion, finely chopped
1-2 green chili peppers, finely chopped
1-2 Tblsp Cilantro, chopped(more or less to taste)
1 lime  squeezed

Mix all ingredients together.  Serve immediately or refrigerate.

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