February 15, 2010

Salads of all Kinds...

When we go out to a restaurant that has a salad bar, my kids love it.  Granted for years, Will's idea of a salad was croutons and ranch dressing.  We've progressed and everyone has their likes and dislikes. Tonight I decided to recreate the salad bar at home. It was a huge hit and I'd like to have this meal on a weekly basis.  Everyone ate well, got lots of veggies and had a salad exactly of their choosing. There was no picking things out or pushing certain veggies to the side.  We had grilled chicken, breaded chicken cutlets and steamed shrimp for our protein(as well as some cheese and egg).  Lots of veggies - from carrots to snow peas to red peppers.  I had also picked up some crusty bread, thinking the boys would need their carbs. Only 1 piece went! The salad was perfect.   I think it was all in the presentation:

Brittany's salad, loaded with shrimp and veggies won the healthy award:

Will's, not so much:

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