February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day.  Even Nikki is dressed for the holiday!  It has been an interesting weekend in the Cooking to Save family.  Yesterday my twins turned 14.   It was a chaotic but fun birthday.  We also had company as my sister had come to visit (and brought yummy treats!)  We broke from our dining in and dined out in honor of their birthday.  Unfortunately, we did not have the best time out and many times throughout the dinner I thought that we would have been happier to have stayed home.  We had a reservation at what was our favorite Italian restaurant.  While we were waiting for our table, a group of 6 (as were we) used our name and took our table!!!!  Can you imagine? We realized it immediately and told the manager.  Let's just say that they ended up at our great table and we ended up squished in the noisy bar!  The food was good but I don't think we'll be in any hurry to return there soon.  We did end up with a lot of leftovers though, so we will have them tonight and I will get back to my cooking tomorrow. :)

This morning my sister made sticky buns. The kids are crazy about them and I do think they are the very best sticky buns I have ever had. The house smelled so good!!They came out of the oven goey and soft; they didn't last long !

These are from Carole Walter's, Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins and More. Who could not like a cookbook with that title?  I looked through the book and I am definitely going to add this to my collection.  (Although not too soon, I think we all need to work off the weekend's goodies :)) 

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