February 7, 2010

Superbowl +Ten 17 Year Old Boys = Exhaustion

Whew!! I am so tired, you would think I was in the Superbowl!  I don't think you can make food fast enough to keep up with ten 17 year old boys.  I made a lot of food today.  Actually, I was busy cooking and preparing all day.  Boys can sure eat a lot !  My son said the night was  a success and I think it's possible they may not need to eat again for a month, based on what they consumed here tonight.  Chips, Salsa, Chips, Dip, Cheesy Bread(so good), Mini Hot Dogs, Sausage Crescents (aka Bones), Caramel Popcorn, Wings and Sliders! I kept bringing it out and they kept on eating.... but such a happy group, who could complain?  The sliders, which were so simple were  a big hit.

Not the best picture, but what can you do when they're all clamoring to gobble the sliders down?  We went through 3 platters of these!  After these, everyone seemed quite satiated.  And the Saints started winning!!  I'll fill you in on dessert tomorrow....somehow they found room for that too....

Superbowl Sliders

3 pounds Ground Sirloin or Ground Round
18 brioche or dinner rolls
18 small slices cheese
18 dill pickle chips
1 tsp salt
11/2 tsp pepper
BBQ sauce

 Mix beef with salt and pepper and make into 18 small patties. (approximately 6 per pound). Grill on medium high charcoal or gas grill 2-3 minutes each side.  Warm buns on grill.  At last minute, add cheese on top to melt.  Transfer burgers to buns on large platter.  Garnish each slider with 1 dill pickle chip and spread BBQ sauce on each bun.  Serve with additional sauce on side. 

** If it is freezing out ( it is here right now) either broil burgers or look pitiful and hopefully someone will go out and grill them for you. (Like my husband did for me tonight :)) 

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