February 11, 2010

I have a confession to make....

I have blog envy.   I spend a lot of time in the "blog world" looking for ideas, inspirations and sometimes just admiring other food blogs.  There are so many great blogs out there, with beautiful, gourmet dinners being prepared. I love to read them and look at the beautifully styled food.  Some of it is almost art.  The problem is, I love to look, but most of it I will never have time or inclination to make!  My life just doesn't allow for that right now.  And I've realized, after a great conversation with a friend yesterday, it doesn't matter.  I am good enough.  My goal is not to be the best chef or the most fabulous food sylist(although I wouldn't mind!) My goal in this year, on this day, at this moment, is to take care of my family to the best of my ability.  They couldn't care less about fancy meals or beautiful plates.  What they do love is comfortable, delicious meals on the table(or at the counter!) They know they are cared about and loved and those meals give us a chance each day to reconnect, even just for a few moments.   Sometimes, we don't even eat together but eating the same meal, even at different times, connects us.  We are a family and that really is what Cooking to Save is all about.  As we continue on our journey of "dining in " I hope that my meals will continue to be interesting, creative tweaks of some ordinary dinners;  gourmet, no, but delicious and family oriented, yes.   And today,  after watching my boy, who has been home sick , eat his tuna melt that I made him in the panini press, on the marble rye he likes so much,  good enough seems to be plenty for me.


  1. Step by step for the success, it takes time blogging ;)



  2. That tuna melt is gorgeous! You know it's my favorite...wish you had leftovers.