February 22, 2010


Tonight was the flunk out night.  I had a dinner planned : Marcella Hazan's Simple Tomato Sauce, Salad, Bread.  Unfortunately, at 5pm it struck me that I had 25 people coming for a meeting and I couldn't bear to start cooking and making a mess in the kitchen.  So, I caved. I can't say I spent a lot of money but I did go out.  Out to get a pizza.  One half mashed potato, one half plain.  The kids were thrilled. You would have thought I had brought home the greatest dinner on earth.  It was almost special!  Of course, it was just pizza.  The kitchen stayed clean too.  I will say I feel quite guilty though.  It's just not fun to get takeout anymore.  And although the kids loved it, I really felt like it was a junky meal. Ok once in a great while, but I will be glad to get back to my cooking tomorrow. Yes, I realize that I am losing it. :)


  1. I would love to have seen a picture of this pizza!

  2. Me too.....(as if I haven't seen enough of them!)

  3. I meant to take a picture of it, but the kids dug into it before I had a chance!