February 18, 2010

This Meal Makes Me Happy....

I love to make Potted Chicken.  It is a great fraud recipe. :) It looks and tastes like you spent a long time cooking and in actuality, it takes very little preparation.    Today I walked in about 3:45 and thought that it would be great to make dinner early and then put it in the crockpot to stay warm until everyone wanted to eat.  Of course, I sat down and didn't move again until 4:45. I had a lot to do while I was sitting. Emails to check, news to read and then of course, I had to check and see if 1 million people were reading my blog yet. (Alas, no!)  At 4:45 I decided I'd better get moving since I had to go pick up kids at 5:00.  By 5:00 the entire meal was simmering and ready to cook on low heat for 1 hour!  This is why I love Potted Chicken.  The house smells wonderful, the dinner is so tasty and you really can pull it together in 15 minutes.  Here it is, ready to go:

All I did after this was put on lid on it and simmer! (If you are looking for the recipe see righthand recipe index) And, because I had a few extra minutes, I browned the noodles to go with the rice:

So, 20 minutes before dinner, I finished up the chicken and added the rice to the noodles to cook.  Dinner was ready.  

Note:  The noodle/rice mixture is a great addition to any meal instead of just rice.  I stole this recipe from my sister inlaw, Elaine, many years ago.  It tastes delicious and it looks so much nicer on a plate then  just white or brown rice.

Noodles and Rice

Handful of Vermicilli Noodles
1 cup Rice
2 1/4 water or low salt chicken broth

Brown noodles on low in non-stick pan. (Watch them closely, once they start to brown, they go to burnt quickly!) Add rice, water or chicken broth.  Cover and cook on low for 20 minutes.  Fluff with fork.  
Doesn't this look better then boring rice?!!!

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